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We all have done it, woken up with a stuffy nose and weirdly runny eyes and wondered what the hell happened to us in the 8 hours we were asleep in bed. But of course we aren't going to waste time at the doctor to get a professional opinion, because WebMD is just as good....right?
Wrong. Because we all go through the same shit when we think that its ok to google symptoms.
You wake up, can't breathe out of your nose and have this weird throat issue.
You try and hack up anything in your wind pipe and end up nearly choking, so obviously your lungs must be giving out.
You panic because there are WAY too many people on the donor list and you are just going to die.
You wake up a little more and realize you are being crazy, but to put yourself at ease you google sore throat, stuffy nose, hacking cough and whatever else seems to be ailing you.
WebMD says it could be just a common cold.....or throat cancer ... or HERPIES with a stuffy nose.
You start clicking all the links, taking you to diseases you can't even pronounce all the while looking in the mirror to see if any white bumps have formed around swollen tonsils.
Thats it, you let it progress to far so you lay in your bed and await death.
After another coughing fit you realize that a doctor can prescribe something for the pain. You know, make you comfortable.
So you wait in the waiting room, looking at all the people who just have the flu or diarrhea...the people who will live years and you pity them. Because you have accepted death and are stronger because of it.
Until your doctors tells you that you have a cold and all you have to do is take antibiotics for 10 days. Suddenly life is worth living again and you realize your immune system is a BEAST.
Until you find out your can't drink for the next 10 days.
you always have a tumor, according to Google haha.
"until you find out you can't drink for the next 10 days" hahahaha :D
I always do this, and most of the time it's crap, but SOMETIMES just SOMETIMES I'm able to accurately diagnose myself.
Trust me, I learned my lesson! lol wasn't a fun one either
@jordanhamilton which could lead to an actual health problem! Step away from your computer and block WebMD haha
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