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You may have seen her in Identify Thief, you may love her from Bridesmaids or you may be like me and have grown up watching her as Sooki on Gilmore Girls, but regardless, you know about Melissa McCarthy.
She's just the best!!! A constant source of comedic relief, pretty much always playing a loud, sort of vulgar personality that adds an element of ridiculousness to every scene.
We're lucky enough to get her in another comedy series, coming soon to TV Land! The show will revolve around Melissa's early group of friends who met at Groundlings, an improv school in LA. Appropriately named Friends With Melissa it'll describe what it's like to watch your close friend make it as a comedy star in Hollywood.
The best part of this news?? The series was created by Melissa and her husband, Ben Falcone. If you don't know who he might recognize him from some other Melissa McCarthy projects.
That guy in the background of the Bridesmaids plane scene? Yep, that's Melissa's real life husband.
The guy on the left in this Gilmore Girls episode? Yep, also her husband.
The two have been an adorable power couple of comedy for such a long time, and this new series is their brainchild.
Their involvement is just the cherry on top of a series that's probably already going to be really funny. The writers are all alum of Groundlings, meaning they have an intense comedy background that's sure to make this new show hilarious!!!
@christianmordi I loved her in that too! I'm really hoping for some awesome guest starts in this new show...Paul Rudd, Jason Bateman,Kristin Wiig, any of her previous co-stars would be awesome.
I can't wait to see this. I loved her in "This Is 40" with Paul Rudd. I love the way she delivers a joke, hilarious!
Definitely! @LauraFisher :D P.S. I just realized I haven't followed your collection yet, but am totally going to do so now because you always have the best comedy tv and standup cards hahaha. keep em coming! :D
Yes @allischaaff that's so true! I've definitely noticed that in some of my favorite comedies. I also love when shows give their actors the freedom to improv some scenes, it really makes for natural comedy!!
Whoa @LauraFisher you know me too well! This sounds AWESOME! I love when TV writers have improv backgrounds. It always makes for really natural-sounding, polished comedy that has the rhythm of real life to it. I am so excited to check this out!!
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