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The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

Written and invented by John Koenig.
Bio from his website : "John Koenig is a graphic designer, editor, and voice performer from Minnesota, who currently lives in Amsterdam with his wife. His work has been acclaimed by New York Magazine, Washington Post Express, Business Insider, Jason Kottke, and the guys from Radiolab."
For once, I will let the words speak for themselves.
These are amazing. All the words are inventions by the artist, right? I agree @jordanhamilton, these images are beautiful, and the sense their definitions evoke – like, wow, this is truly something i have felt before – is really cool.
dictionary of obscure sorrows has been my obsession for almost a year now. it’s one part poetry, one part stunning imagery, and one part beautiful music. I definitely recommend checking out all the short films!
I love this!! I have a fascination with new words and words that I'm not familiar with, so this was perfect.
extremely beautiful!!! I honestly wasn't familiar with any of these words before this card. brilliant! @allischaaff
I had no idea they had words for some of these, this really cool