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Anyone who watches a lot of TV has a couple of fictional friend groups that they desperately want to be part of. For me, it's New Girl because they're such funny, cute and supportive friends!!! But despite which group you are dying to hang with, there's that TV clique that totally reminds you of your own. That one for me is The League because my group is a much more sarcastic squad that likes to pick on each other, in a lovable way, of course.

Sex and the City

You and your friends all have totally different personalities, so much so that people wonder how you get along. But those people just don't understand. Your squad has a go-to brunch spot where you meet up weekly to talk about stuff (usually boys). Everyone knows the intimate details of each relationship, and best friend approval is immediately required for any significant other. You might even bring a friend or two on a date so they can decide whether or not he's an asshole.

The League

You all love giving each other a hard time. Your friendships consist of inside jokes and hilarious pranks, all at the expense of each other. You've even been known to break into each other's homes for the sake of a good prank. Outsiders might be a little intimidated by the atmosphere, but that's just because they don't get it. Once you're in the group, you're totally loyal, as long as you can dish it out, take a joke and learn to laugh at yourself.

That '70s Show

You guys have been known to sit in a basement for hours on end doing pretty much nothing. A totally relaxed group of friends, you guys can have fun no matter what your doing. There's no drama, no fighting, everything about your friendship is carefree and easy. It's that perfect friend group that you don't have to work hard to maintain.


The One Where Everyone Dates Each Other. You guys have been known to make things a little awkward after group members date and break up, but you're all too loyal to leave the group. Everyone manages to get past the awkward situations because this friend group is like family. You guys are the epitome of the phrase "all you need is good friends."

New Girl

Your group has passed the ultimate friendship test - you've lived together. It takes a very special circle to do that. You love each other at your best, but you support each other at your worst. There's a perfect combo of light-hearted fun (you make one friend pay $1 every time he says something douchey) and support (you'll go with your friend to tell her ex that he's a total jerk).

Which TV friends are you and your best friends most similar to??

@nicolejb that's great that you guys made it through that experience :) sometimes living with best friends can be tough. The friend I live with now is a neat freak, and I love that about her. We both lived with our other best friend during college, who was a pretty messy person, and that was a little tough... lol. But I would say my friend group is most like Sex and the City!! We talk about intimate details of our relationships ALL the time lol. They tell me I'm the Carrie. I've only seen one episode though (and it was literally two days ago), so I'm no expert... but it was pretty entertaining, so i definitely think I'll watch more :)
Aw @nicolejb that sounds awesome! Living together really is the ultimate test of friendships, so I think that means you guys can survive anything :)
My best friends and I all lived in a giant house together in college and it was the greatest. definitely a New Girl type of group! We pretty much learned everything about each other: pet peeves, relationship insecurities, and we met all the weird family members. And we are still bffs.
Yeah, it’s safe to say that we did have our differences (especially with living habits), but we ended up all still being really close. So I got pretty luck @LauraFisher @allischaaff I can totally see you being a Carrie. With all your infinite relationship advice.
@allischaaff omg I'm so jealous, I would love to rewind and rewatch every episode of Sex and the City! Carrie is the best one to be, in my opinion :) definitely a compliment.