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If you've ever sulked at the site of your thighs, turn that frown upside down because we are here for thick thighs and body positivity thanks to the new hashtag trending #ThighReading.

They reminded you that you were flawed for so many years, but now they are here as a reminder of growth, beauty and acceptance. Yeah, they're thick and have stretch marks that tell endless stories, but they are yours, they are beautiful and you should embrace them.
A twitter user took it upon herself to post a picture of her thighs with the caption "palm readings <<<< thigh readings." encouraging other twitter users to do the same. Much to our surprise twitter has been flooded with photos of woman embracing their thighs and supporting body positivity worldwide via one hashtag that happened to take off in a positive way.

This hashtag is absolutely amazing and I commend the twitter user who started the movement.

I'm here for body positivity and if you are also, you should looking into another amazing hashtag #ThePowerOfMakeup.
my thighs are still depressing...
Your thighs are beautiful! @shjej5835