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Earl Sweatshirt introduced a new meaning to “intimate connection with a fan” last week during a concert in Australia.

A fan was so moved by Earl’s performance that they hopped on the stage to celebrate the moment. Rather than sit on the edge of the stage,the fan comes up by behind Earl mid-song and wraps the rapper in his arms The Odd Future member lost after his personal space was invaded, causing hell to break loose.
Earl went bezerk on the fan who invaded his personal space. The Cali rep struck the fan twice before security shows up. The Odd Future rep throws the kid unceremoniously off the side of the stage, adding in a few kicks for good measure.
While many people would expect the show to stop after the fight, Earl hopped right back into his set as if nothing happened.
The Odd Future rep hopped on Twitter after the show to share his thoughts on the matter. “keep your hands to yourself and don't sneak up on niggas in the middle of soul bearing,” said Earl. “I'm not a tough guy!!” he added. “I don't like my personal space breached just like you. [J]ust respect niggas out here man not just me respect everybody.”
I don’t know what this fan was thinking, but Earl knocked some sense into him. Something tells me that this won’t be the last time an Odd Future rep will have to deal with fan intrusion during a concert.