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In my hometown in Little Havana, Miami, one of my favorite places to get a cheap-and-fast breakfast would be from the local Cuban cafes. Typically, I'd get a buttery piece of Cuban toast and a café con leche
Usually, the toast is dipped into a hot cup of café con leche.

Like This:

EASY! If it sounds strange -- you can't knock it until you've tried it. Try it out. It's delicious!

Cuban coffee tip:

If you want coffee that's not milky, try a cafecito. It's essentially a sweet espresso shot. It's very good. I wouldn't dip your bread in this, though. But hey, if you're curious...

Hell yeah it has butter on it!!!! @nicolejb ;)
Yep, I think I found my new perfect breakfast @alywoah
Does the toast have butter on it? that would fulfill my butter-in coffee desire, but with added carbs! (added carbs are always a plus)
it has to be Cuban bread tho! My bf is from Hialeah and I tried this for the first time about 6 months ago. I have been drinking Cuban coffee for about 3 years now but the combination of the two is sooooo good. I have his grandmother send me Cuban bread once every 2 weeks now just so I can have this!
Cuban bread! @danidee
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