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Diane Von Furstenburg is more than a fashion designer; she's a fashion legend and an icon for fashionistas and hopeful industry workers alike. The reigning queen of luxe ready-to-wear staples and "inventor" of the iconic wrap dress is a household name, and working for her essentially means you've made it in fashion, someway and somehow. Diane Von Furstenburg's television show, "House of DVF," broadcast on the E! network, involved the search for her next brand embassador.
She says in the season 2 trailer, "Call me crazy, but we're doing it all over again."
That's right, the show that dragged fashion celebrities, designers, editors, and stylists into one place and showcased their talents, personalities, and interactions, is back!
Watch the trailer for House of DVF Season 2 above, which promises to deliver industry insight as well as the drama we all love, making it a fashion-centric show that's actually quite fashionable. The trailer and inside scoop tells that the season will feature as many fashion stars as possible, from girls swearing to leave Vogue for Furstenburg, to Rachel Zoe making a promising cameo. I don't know about you, but I think this season looks better than ever and I can't wait to watch!
In case you weren't aware of DVF's caché in pop culture, check out her insane celebrity following! This is just a tiny sliver of her popularity, but trust that she's a fashion icon, from the 1970's with her reinventing the wrap dress, to the present, where's she's ever relevant.
The fashion industry of New York City really is DVF's world, and I can't wait to watch it unfold! House of DVF, season 2, is set to premiere Sunday, September 13th, right in the middle of New York Fashion Week.
I haven't seen it, @JordanNash, but I'm definitely watching the second season!
I watched some of the first season of this and I really enjoyed it! It was cool to see inside DVF's creative process and what goes into her incredibly successful designs.
@Gavriella You definitely should! It's pretty good