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There are sooo many awesome Kpop dances out there!! What are some of your favorites?
This is a tough question for me honestly xD I love so many!! But I guess some of my favorite are Sexy Free & Single, DOPE, Bang Bang Bang, War of Hormone, Growl, GOOD BOY, SPY, well the list can go on and on!! <3
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bang bang bang, monster by bigbang
2 years ago·Reply
@FruityPoptart that's one of my favorites!! <3
2 years ago·Reply
Good Boy omg I love Good Boy by Taeyang and GD I randomly will do the dance if the song comes on no matter where I am
2 years ago·Reply
@thisismylife haha yes!! the moves work with other songs randomly too~ <3 anytime Good Boy comes on I must do the dance!
2 years ago·Reply
crazy by 4minutes
2 years ago·Reply