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Last time I did a villain for my Superhero-themed Workout Collection, and people seemed to love it (I'm looking at you @buddyesd)! So this week I decided to design this workout after Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. Both friend and foe to Batman, her quick wit and cool gadgets are just as essential as her fitness routine.
Just remember, fitness is about staying healthy.
Not necessarily about dropping a dress size or fitting into a catsuit. Whatever your version of health is, that's what you should be aiming for. With that in mind, here's a new routine designed to bring out your inner Catwoman!

The Workout

Catwoman is all about flexibility. Lots of climbing and leaping and a few solid punches too. This routine really emphasizes your core. Though people don't often think of it this way, most of our strength comes from those muscles, so make sure you treat them well after this workout!


Anne Hathaway is a vegetarian, so it was a challenge to make sure that she was getting enough protein in her diet to build up muscle. If she hadn't been eating enough, she would have become very sick and weak during her workouts. Here's a recommendation for one day's meals from Fitness Magazine:
Breakfast: Autumn Oatmeal Morning Snack: Chocolate High Energy Bar Lunch: Swiss Chard Frittata w/Garden Carrots Afternoon Snack: Apple & Almonds Dinner: Vegetarian Chicken Patty & Brown Rice with Spinach and French Onion Soup Dessert: Rocky Road Popcorn Balls Evening Snack: Pear & Cashews Smoothie: Chocolate Power Smoothie

The music

This is a little old-school, but so is Catwoman (her first appearance was in 1940). This is definitely the soundtrack for any rebellious woman, which is what Selina Kyle is about at heart. Sure, she's a thief with a dubious moral code- she's definitely no Robin Hood. But her ruthlessness and greed are just symptoms of her society. Why punish her and let white-collar criminals get away?

The cool-down

If you want to be as flexible and dexterous as Catwoman, you need to make sure you have enough time for a real cool-down after your workout. If you don't treat your body well, your muscles will become stiff and sore in no time- that's the opposite of what you want! This video walks you through a great cool-down.
Meow! You'll totally rock this workout!
oh that's a fun website, so many different work outs.
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@OhmaCharly that sounds so cool!! You're a total BAMF
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