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I don't know how well this one will be recieved, but here goes my second one :) Part of me wants to see you smile While another one makes me cry Part of me wants to live again While another is suffering in pain Part of me wants to burn the memories While another wants to cherish them all Part of me wants to tell you I love you While another wants to hear it too Part of me feels so alone Now that you're gone While another wants to be content In loneliness, but with contempt Part of me misses you To hear your laughter While another wants to despise you For the way you left things after Part of me wants to love you again For you are my only one While another wants to push you away Letting my fear of separation Overcome my will to ask you to stay I tried my best to love you I gave you everything I had But a part of me tells me You never were mine While another still yells at me For leaving you behind (Special thanks to @allischaaff for her encouragement to post another one of my works here!)
Great piece and like someone else said, you said things that we've all probably felt at some point in our lives. It's very powerful when your readers are feeling what you feel, so don't stop writing and posting :-)
Sorry for the late replies, everyone! Thank you so much for your kind words @allischaaff @skee292 @jeff4122 @LizArnone @onesmile It's you all with your unique and relatable perspectives that give this poem a meaningful existence. I sincerely thank you all for your comments, and I'll try to share more of my work as time permits, and will do so with full diligence! Keep smiling, all! :)
I agree with @jeff4122 i love when poems repeat and i thought that this poem held a lot of emotion! i hope you keep posting your poetry!
The structure of this is great, I tend to really like repetition in poems and this is no exception. nice job! looking forward to more!
I felt every emotion behind every word. Wonderful card please keep producing more!
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