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A visit to Subway
After 3 months of not even smelling the subway sandwiches (I was a Shift Manager at Slovenias' only Subway yet) I went back to Subway, ordered a footlong (a new bbq chicken, which was not on the menu at the time when I was working there) and it was really good. I know this is not an every day food, but I have to say I miss the fresh vegatables, warm bread and the smell of subway cookies.
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Subway has such a weird distinct smell to me. It kind of smells like bagged lettuce hahaha
it depends on where you go to Subway. While traveling Ireland, I visited a couple of Subways and I did not like the smell nor the food. Sandwiches lookd terrible, ugly, not good at all. But in Slovenia, Subway is on much higher level. It is in the top 10 of best subways in the whole world.
a sandwitch that was made by me haha. But otherwise, probably Italian Spicy or Roast Beef. You?