I represent pluto in this cute gif here. The satellite is kpop and all the kpop community that is involved. If I can't listen to kpop or come on here for a day, I feel empty. You guys always lift me up and I can't thank you enough. It really means a lot.
However, I'm afraid if I lose this competition, it being my only chance to ever see Big Bang, my depression will win its battle over me again. I don't ask for things much because I was raised with nothing luxury. I've never been to a super big concert. I've never begged for anything in my life. But I'll beg for this. I could die happily knowing I got to see people who helped aid me through my hardest life moments. I would want to thank them in person since dms never work because the amount of fans sending in. Please let me win :(
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Good luck <3 <3 and we are always here to support you <3 <3