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After such an overdose of meat, I decided to make this super healthy vegatable pasta, suitable for vegeterian and vegans. I used spelt and spinach pasta, different kinds of vegatables cut fresh from our garden, some tofu and a bit of tomato sauce with different spices.
always looking for good recipes
no, this time just tomato sauce (home made) and just a bit of it, so it was kind of watery, but healthy. :) @alywoah
Did you do anything else for the sauce beside the tomato sauce?
It is actually nothing special. I'm so not a recipe kind of guy. I do the same thing different everytime I make it. Just cook the pasta and cook the vegatables (by your choice and by season) separately, add tofu if you like it and choose your spices (I use everything I own in our garden haha). Those kind of easy to make dishes don't have a recipe haha. @alywoah
Could u possibly post a recipe? ^_^