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Over the past year, Kanye West has shown a lot of respect for Chance The Rapper. The young Chicago emcee grew up studying Kanye and his movements, hoping that one day they could collaborate on work.
Yesterday, Chance shared that the two have hit the studio together and that Kanye was originally slated to play an instrumental role in Surf. During an interview with The Guardian, Chance shocked the world by saying “[Kanye] was going to narrate [Surf] at one point.”
“In the final weeks of getting ready to put it out we had vocal chops that we were using from ’Ye talking about some of the themes of the project.” said Chance during his interview with The Guardian. “Through just thinking about it, it didn’t end up happening that way. Not to say it wouldn’t have been dope as shit!”
Can you imagine Kanye playing the role as narrator throughout Surf?? Do you think this may come to light on CTR’s upcoming album since we missed out on Surf?
YOOOOOO I would've died if this happened. I love them both, and I loved SURF. I'm hoping for a similar collab going forward.
I didnt like Acid Rap like that, but I loved Surf as well. Can you imagine how powerful the transitions from track to track wouldve been with Kanye on deck? Hopefully they scratched the idea so they can use it on CTR's album