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Freeheld follows same-sex couple Laurel Hester and Stacie Andree -- played by Julianne Moore and Ellen Page, respectively -- and their fight for equal rights. Even though it's only the trailer, I can already feel my tear ducts loosening up. Moore's performance here looks nothing short of astounding.
I'm really excited to see this movie because of how important the subject matter is. I remember watching the documentary about the couple (also titled Freeheld) with my mother right after graduating high school and the intense emotion we felt after it ended, I can only imagine what we'd feel after the seeing this film.
This is an important movie because it's a reminds us of how far we've come over the past couple of years. That fact paired with the Moore's skill as an actress is definitely a recipe for an excellent movie that -- most likely -- will make me cry in the theater.
Freeheld will be in theaters on October 2nd, 2015
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Julianne Moore is one of those tricky actors who don't get the shine they deserve. While she may not blow you away in every movie, she is solid and worth watching in the majority of them. Good card. Will check this out for sure