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Photographer: Katka Pruskova She took more than 7100 photo in more than 730 hours in order to put this video together. All the flowers were from her garden or her mother's garden. Also, this is her very first timelapse video. What an incredible job she did. So, turn up the music, full-screen the movie, and watch in awe. @cheerfulcallie Because you love flowers so much. (^_^)
Oh, crap. I think I just liked my own card. ROFLROFL! I was trying to like your comment. But, seriously, awwww. I wasn't trying to make you cry, but I'm glad they were happy ones. It is so amazing. I was browsing and I soon as I saw the video, your name popped in my head and I thought, this is definitely for Callie. \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ I am also very glad you're my friend. Yes, let's definitely be friends until we're old and on walkers. LOL! Ohhh, did you really? Well, I have to say, I really do like it. I think it's such a lovely picture. I think the color is great! It really is all about those angles, I tell you.
OMG.....*tears*....aaww, im soo touch right now...seriously you just made me cry (T_T)....to think that you paid attention to the little things that i love, even if its cheesy stuff like flowers and not kpop boy bands, lolz.....im so proud to call you my friend, i absolutely love yah!!! ♥....funny, how its easy to make impressions but its hard to make long lasting friendships and lets make ours last forever until we become old and senile like one of my card says and then we'll become new friends again, lolz.....BTW, i changed my profile pic in a sense to mimic yours...yes, i even did the black and white but it just didnt look right, so i kept it the way it is....no, seriously, i liked your pose, lolz....