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I'm not really into OTPs, but some pairings just make it SOOOO easy to get caught up in.
Jaejoong and Yunho from TVXQ even made a mini drama about how Jaejoong read a fan fic about him and Yunho and was convinced Yunho loved him and then it was super awkward and basically turned into a fan fic MADE, WRITTEN, AND PRODUCED BY SM ENTERTAINMENT. That was one of my first experiences with kpop ever so I'm a little sensitive about that topic.


Here are my 9 favorite OTPs that I can't help but love:

1. Kaisoo

2. Kaisoo

3. Kaisoo

4. Kyungin, also known as Kaisoo

5. and whenever Kai is paired with Kyungsoo!

6. Or Kyungsoo is paired with Kai!

7. Whatever you'd call this

8. Or this

9. and finally, my all time favorite, KAISOO


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lmaoo. call it coincidence or what i was thinking about kaisoo today lol and ended up watching videos and vines about them lol
2 years ago·Reply
@BPF1916 You're right how did I forget to add Kaisoo to the list?!?! Ahhhh!!
2 years ago·Reply
@Sidneylovekpop Your new profile picture I AM DYING
2 years ago·Reply
you mean... Kaisoo right? xp
2 years ago·Reply
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