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I mean we all knew that, the McDouble really doesn't look as impressive in person then it does on the drive thru menu. But you might not realize just how far food photographers go to get the money shot. And just to clear the air, no you posting your Artichoke pizza slice to Instagram with #foodporn does not make you a food photographer.

Maple Syrup

Thats right, the delicious, sticky goo dripping off pancakes on the IHop menu ad probably isn't actually syrup...or even edible. Its more then likely motor oil! Shocker right, but the motor oil can photograph way better then our beloved maple syrup.

Ice Cream

Ice cream sunday ads are mouthwatering, especially banana split ads. But did you even think about how the ice cream scoops would melt under all the heat laps and time it takes the get the perfect picture? So instead of ice cream scoops, the clever photographers use mashed potato scoops!

That perfectly grilled burger

Mouth watering right? To bad in reality that patty usually isn't even cooked! Instead the meat gets its lovely, cooked to perfection brown from shoe polish.
Not gonna lie I don't really get this one, they could just actually grill it, but what do I know?

Fresh and bright Veggies

Honestly half the fun of wanting veggies is seeing how amazing and colorful they. Plus just staring at veggies makes you feel healthier. But to keep that shine the whole photo-shoot the veggies get a little help from models best friend, hairspray.
Thats right, just a quick few sprits and the hairspray will leave the veggies looking fresh picked, not old and dried out.
The mash potato substitute for ice cream is used a lot in the movies. Stage lights are really hot so ice cream melts. Think of that next time you see a character enjoying a vanilla ice cream!!!
Woah. This is all pretty gross. But I guess anything for good picture huh?
Ahaha @rodiziketan yeah that's a job from a nightmare
@rodiziketan oh wow official insider confirmation hahaha. I hope your job wasn't glueing on the sesame seeds, that would have gotten frustrating real fast
yeah, this is all true. I've been on the photoshoot set of some burger and they did as it is written above. From the veggies, to meat. Oh, and sesame seeds were being glued on the bread.
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