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Jun Ji Hyun is one of my favorite actresses. She is fierce and bold and pulls of both outfits and roles equally well! She is most known for her movie, My Sassy Girl and K-drama, My Love from the Star. Her most recent work is the movie, Assassination. And, I am sure a lot of you have heard about the recent news of Jun Ji Hyun expecting her first child!
Here are her stills from her photoshoot for SHESMISS and Elle. Check out more K-Drama Star stills at K-Drama Star Style!
#1 The patterned lace look
#2 The bright blocks look
#3 The black and white look
#4 The soft pink look
#5 The office dress look
#6 The blotched blue look
#7 The classy red look
#8 The patterned dancer look
#9 The 70's blazer look
#10 The B&W contrast look
#11 The shimmery blue look
#12 The checkered suit look

Look forward to more styles at K-Drama Star Style! ^_^
Tell me which outfits/styles you like best?

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i like her she is super sexy and great actress
@christy Yay! :) @Nonabisi Agreed!
love this girl from You Who Came From The Stars!!!
I actually haven't seen My Sassy Girl but I loved her in My Love From Another Star
I also love her - One of my Top 5 favorite actresses! Brilliant & funny - really love all her roles!! I hope becoming a mom will be great for her!!!