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Every TV fan loves knowing behind the scenes info about their favorite shows!! It gives us that inside scoop that makes us feel a little closer to the show we already know and love.
Recently I got stuck in a black hole on YouTube watching panel discussions about The Office and I discovered that several of my favorite scenes were improvised.
This got me intrigued and I found a couple of other hilarious scenes from some of the best comedies on TV...all improvised.

Parks and Rec: "Leslie I typed your symptoms into the thing up here and it says you have network connectivity problems."

Parks and Rec is pretty notorious for sticking to script. They've got some great writers and for the most part, the cast follows the jokes exactly as they're written. But, one perfect example of hilarious improvisation is the end of this scene. Chris Pratt (the goofy Andy Dwyer) describes Leslie's symptoms as network connectivity problems, an awesomely timed joke that actually goes down as one of the producer's favorite lines ever.

Scrubs: "I spent a day inside that wall thinking I was a mermaid."

There are a couple of scenes in the video above because the janitor on Scrubs (played by the underrated but hilarious Neil Flynn) improvises almost all of his lines! Once I read somewhere that the writers eventually stopped writing lines for him and instead just put something like "Neil walks in and says something funny, then leaves" in the script. Amazing.

The Office: Chili's Theme Song

This show actually has a couple notable improvised scenes, which is unsurprising given the number of hilarious actors in the cast. Here's one with two comedy geniuses, Steve Carell and Tim Meadows (who you might recognize as the principal from Mean Girls) improvising the Chili's theme song over a business lunch. A little product placement, and a lot of laughs.

The Office: Michael Kisses Oscar

I was shocked and amazed to hear this! One of the most famous Michael Scott scenes from the entire series involves him kissing Oscar to prove that he's not homophobic, and it was totally improvised. Apparently Steve Carell just started getting closer and closer to Oscar until finally...he kissed him. The rest of the cast is still in the room and I can only imagine the behind the scenes laughter going on. Thankfully the laughs didn't ruin the scene because it's one of The Office's most famous.
your cards are seriously convincing me to watch more of the office
@LizArnone well in my opinion it's the best show in the history of TV, so I might be a little biased LOL but it is an amazing show and I highly recommend it.
This is amazing! This makes these shows even better!
@LauraFisher with you all the way.
@richartoth just wishing you as much peace and happiness and you're wishing everybody else buddy!
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