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Yet another win for the transgender community (although we definitely still have a long way to go). Apple Model Management, a Thailand-based modeling agency, is opening the first transgender modeling agency in Los Angeles, CA. The agency will officially open its doors next month.
Cecili Asuncion, director of the L.A. agency, says he has already signed six transgender models and that designers have expressed interest in the agency. He says he is looking to book the models on high fashion runways and commercial advertisements.
“The lay of the land is changing. It’s like, ‘OK, cool, you’re trans, let’s see what you got.’ Because I see the women as models first and trans women second.”
Here are some of the models that Cecili Asuncion has signed with the agency.

Arisce Wanzer

She is an outspoken advocate of the transgender community and has walked in Fashion Week.

Angel Qinan

According to her Instagram page, Angel is an actress and a nurse and was previously signed with Wilhelmina One.

Dominique Brebnor

Dominique is from Tobago, but fled to New York after an incident with a priest in her town. She has modeled for Christian Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Yves St Laurent.
The models are currently in the running to walk in New York Fashion Week in September. Cecili Asuncion says he hopes he can make a safe space for transgender models.
“So the (mission) of Apple Model Management is … ‘Let’s move on. Let’s make you into the best models you possibly can be.’ It’s really about their commitment. It’s really like going to work without having to feel that you have to hide.”
but i doooooo really really love this!!! this is amazing I'm so glad you wrote about this because i never would have known. imagine they make an americas next top model for apple agency !!! that would be epic and informative !
@lizarnone I feel like you will really like this!
@Gavriella that's so true! I'm really happy about this. Thank you @JordanNash for sharing this news!
This is so cool. I think the most important thing about it is that it creates a safe space for trans women while helping them to do the work they love.
That would be amazing! I feel like it would be a great way to raise awareness and acceptance of transgender models. I really hope they get to walk in NY Fashion Week. How cool would that be?!?!