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The tension between government officials in Chicago and Chief Keef has hit an all time high this summer.

Over the past two weeks, the Chicago mayor has done everything in his power to stop the free benefit concert Keef promised to fans. When Keef attempted to make it happen across the border in Indiana, the cops shut that down too, stating that Keef has “a history that’s anti-cop, pro-gang and pro-drug use.”
Keef has had enough with the antics, and decided to take a stand. The Chicago native took to Twitter last night to let the world know he will run for Mayor in the next election.

Call Mayor of Chicago… and tell him to stay the fuck off the people’s music,” said Keef on Twitter. He later added, “I’m running for mayor of Chicago..... Vote for me!”

Fans on social media ate the announcement up on social media, as the tweet logged over 7,000 retweets. This may be a PR stunt, but an impact has been made on social media. What platforms do you think Keef will stand behind during his run for mayor?
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I hope he wins, to be honest. he'd at least represent a significant demographic in Chicago