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If you're serious about losing those extra pounds, but you aren't interested in slimming down with some complicated diet plan, try clocking your next meal. Set a timer for 20 minutes and train yourself to become a slow eater. Allow yourself to savor each bite and try not to finish your meal until the timer goes off.
This trick for losing weight has been effective in training your brain to think that it's fuller than it really is. Paced, controlled meals offer a lot of satisfaction and indulging in smaller portions will trigger hormones that make the body feel "full." By incorporating this method into your daily eating habits, you will control your food intake and won't be tempted to overeat.
@skee292 I will be sure to share the experience
Definitely going to try this today. thanks for the awesome card
awesome card, never knew that the pace of eating could effect the impact in regards to weight gain. Will give this a go!
I eat too fast :( always try eating slower but never works 馃槬
That's wonderful news @MariahMaes! Would love to hear about your experience!
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