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Hello Vinglers! I thought we should celebrate getting a new community for fanfiction with a special series of writing prompts for your OTP! I have... several OTPs so I'm not sure which one I'll pick for this prompt. But in the meantime @Fanny10 @VinMcCarthy @SarahWise @mkbmccann @AndreaHamilton @ameliellie @poojas @Nyongtory @VixenViVi @kpopchicken @LizArnone I hope your OTPs are ready for this challenge!

Pick an AU

I'd tell you to close your eyes and pick a number between one and eight, but since this community is still very new and this is my first time making a fic prompt (eeeek!) I thought I'd go easy on all of us. ^_^
1. We both have the same coffee order at Starbucks and the barista can't tell which one came first
2. Wartime AU.
3. "I promise I'm not weird I just have an extra ticket to this concert and my friend bailed last minute and I don't want it to go to waste."
4. College AU.
5. We're both trying to quit smoking and we keep ending up out here at the same time.
6. Fake dating AU.
7. "My dog got away from me and decided he's best friends with you and we can't convince him to leave you alone I'm so sorry and also you're hot."
8. Spies AU.

Write your fic!

Put your OTP in one of these circumstances and write about it! It doesn't have to be long. The story can be a meet-cute, a short bit of angst, a fluffy drabble, whatever you like!
Don't forget to tag me in it or add it to the comments below! If you can't tell already I *really* want to read your fanfiction.

There is no third step!

Except to rejoice and enjoy reading all the fic.
@shannonl5 HAHAHA I hope the world appreciates my contribution when the time comes xD
O.O I don't even know where to start, I haven't written a fanfic since middle school XD
@poojas that is what I'm here for lol XD
@shannonl5 You're killing me...LMAO
@poojas WE ALL KNOW IT HAPPENS. Think of all the possibilities! Dean has a dog and his leash gets tangled around Castiel's ankles! Matt Murdock has a seeing eye dog that's still training and it's really convinced that Foggy is gonna be great for Matt. Such a beautiful 'verse!
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