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Dear Peter,
Everything seems to be moving faster, time speeding up as days become years and decisions fall into my court. I can't push them away, refuse to choose and hope for the best that someone will help me land on my feet. I keep whispering, "I won't grow up." But I guess that magic fades over the years because it's not working.
I want nights spent wondering how much longer it is until my birthday and long summer days free of any responsibility except how to keep boredom at bay. I want to have my only choice to be what story I need to tell at night, just before bed beneath the twinkling starlight.
Take me back to Neverland, where sugar is our drug and no one cares what I look like; where being a girl is just as cool as being a boy. Take me back where imagination can make anything happen if you believe enough and bravery is easy because childhood is invincible.
Where did things change, somewhere between leaving Neverland and not being able to jump, I have lost my ability to fly; to take a leap of faith and trust without a doubt that I will fall headlong into magical waters and adventure.
I know I messed up before Peter, but I was young and stupid and thought that growing up would be fun. I believed that driving meant freedom, and 21 meant unstoppable. Take me back Peter, where fun never ends and responsibilities are meant to be avoided.
Take me back Peter I desperate...don't make me do the unthinkable, don't push me that far. Don't make me say 'I don't believe". You don't want lost lives on your hands now do you?
I'll be waiting by the window.
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@shannonl5 I would have to look, its been years since I read them but there are some good ones
@VixenViVi *rubs hands together in anticipation*
@shannonl5 Here is a good one, I tried to find some that I remember but seems its been to long ㅋㅋㅋ
@VixenViVi I immediately clicked on it and now I know what I'm gonna do for the rest of the day haha! Thank you for sharing this. Yeah sometimes I try to find fics that I saw on livejournal or something and they're so difficult to find now T_T