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Today I want to introduce something else that I think is fun. The KPop Name Game!! The goal is to connect as many names of stars that you can by combining the last name of one person with the first name of someone else. Let's see what I've thrown together! 😁 (P.S. Some of these name connections are a stretch, or are spelled differently, but with a similar sound)
I decided to start with Daesung from Big Bang.
Seungri (of course. It's me, what did you expect πŸ˜‚). It was also an obvious choice. Dae-Seungri
Roy Kim- He was the winner of the talent program Superstar K4 several years ago. Dae-Seung-Roy Kim
Kim Namjoon- there are a ton of Kims out there, so I used one everyone knows. Dae-Seung-Roy-Kim Namjoon
Jun Hyoseong- A finalist on the singing series "Battle Shinhwa". Dae-Seung-Roy-Kim Nam-Jun Hyoseong
Song So Hee- She is not a KPop singer, but a classical Korean music singer. Dae-Seung-Roy-Kim Nam-Jun Hyo-Song SoHee
Heechul- As we all know, a member of SuJu. Dae-Seung-Roy-Kim Nam-Jun Hyo-Song-Heechul
Choi Siwon (kind of off)- Another we all know from SuJu. Dae-Seung-Roy-Kim Nam-Jun Hyo-Song-Hee-Choi Siwon
I feel like this would be a fun challenge for everyone to do, kind of like the Handwriting thing. I'd love to see how long of a chain you guys can make. What do you think admins and friends? (・ω・)γƒŽ @ygvip21@poojas @jiggzy19 @kpopandkimchi @PassTheSuga @DancingPartyTme @aabxo @MattK95 @FeiFei
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haha cute challenge