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If you haven't already realized this, growing up sucks. It especially sucks when you are a woman growing up in a world that makes sure you know that you are never good enough. I honestly wish I had someone to yell at me this entire list when I was in my amazingly awkward years. It might have made things a bit easier.
You Will Never Have "The Perfect Body"
Way too much time has been wasted trying to attain this dream perfect body and it is always met with disappointment. There is no such thing as a perfect body! Everyone has their own version of beauty and to think that one body type will fit into that is just dumb and a waste of energy. Discover what you love about yourself and focus on that! Make small changes to what you don't like and soon you will have the perfect body for YOU.
Make Up Is A Choice
The make up debate is a long, drawn out, waste of brain cells. Women wear make up and women don't wear make up and this decision does not at all effect you are a person. Make up does not define you as a person, nor does it make you any more or less beautiful.
"But that happens to guys too"
I hate when people say this...SO MUCH. When the statics prove that we live in a rape culture designed to target women, the statement "but it happens to men too" is not one to seek solidarity. This statement is to shame you into believing that your feelings of injustice are wrong because it also happens to men. Yes, awful things also happen to men, but that does not give anyone the right to try and negate the issues happening to women, because that is exactly what this statement does.
Who you sleep with is no ones business
Whoever judges people based on their number of kills (aka number of people they slept with), is not the type of person you should hang out with. Someones sex life does not define them, same as their choice to wear makeup. Women need to stop being described as prudes, slut and easy. Sex is a choice and there is no such thing as too much or too little.
Feminism is not a bad word
Feminist does not mean man hater, anti-child, or a hatred of stay at home moms. A feminist is someone who believes in social, political and economical EQUAL rights for all. As women we need to stand together in solidarity and stop bringing each other down with words like slut, bitch, crazy ect. It is the only way we can take back control of our sexuality, bodies and minds.
Pro-Tip: We feminists wouldn't mind living in a world where tank tops didn't somehow equate to consenting to sex with a random man in a bar.
@RobynHope woooo girl power!
couldn't have said it better. I feel the same way.
YES! @LizArnone Girl power!!! I love this card, and it makes me SO happy knowing that there are strong, independent women like you and me who think this way!!!! Killin it, lady
This is indeed WOW!!! I loved it.
@allischaaff glad to have some solidarity !! i really just get so frustrated thinking that young girls don't realize or understand these seemingly simple topics !