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If you're into makeup, it's not a secret that there are specific products you should own without hesitation.

It's always nice to have a mix of both low end and high end products -- you'd be surprised what low end products happen to work better than some high end. If you're a MAC fan than you know how amazing their products are. You've probably heard of the basic items that pretty much every makeup lover owns or has owned at some point.
If you have yet to own a product from one of the best cosmetic companies in the world, you're not living the makeup life as you should. These five MAC products will change your life, if they haven't all ready. Make sure you own them and if you don't hurry to your local MAC store before you get your makeup privileges taken away.

Prep + Prime Fix+

You could be freshening up your makeup or spraying a bit onto your beauty blender -- regardless, this amazing spray is a makeup lovers holy grail and it's so worth it.
If you prefer to not dish out a dub on such an amazing spray, you can opt out by creating your own here.

Ruby Woo Lipstick

It's extremely well known and most of all it's an amazing red matte lipstick, not to mention the perfect red. Every lady needs this lipstick in their possession. It's that serious and it will change your life.

Painterly Paint Pot

The perfect flesh tone primer for your eyes. It glides on your eyes easily and it makes any eyeshadow pop beautifully.

Mineralize Skin Finish

If you're looking for the perfect glow and bit of shine on your face this baked bronzing powder is perfect for highlighting the skin with a matte finish.

Honey Love Lipstick

Let's just say, if you're searching for the perfect nude lipstick to suit all complexions -- honey love would be the correct choice. Everyone needs a nude in their life.

On you mark. Get set. Shop. You know you want to.