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Liam Neeson was photographed in Soho on Saturday looking unusually skinny. Though he's 63-years-old, this is a far cry from the healthy looking actor that we're used to. However, a spokesperson said that, "He has never been healthier." I'm not so sure because look how rough his clothes look on his body. Not flattering at all, they look like they're barely holding on. And when has his hair ever been this grey? Aging is not working in his favor.
Reports have claimed that he just recently finished a film and will start up a new one in September. Though many people are okay with his appearance saying that it's typical for you to look this way as you get older, some say that this is drastically wrong.

First sign of significant weight loss at the Garden of Dreams Talent Show in New York on June 18th.

This is how most of us know him to look though he doesn't look like this currently.

What do you think of his new skinny appearance?

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could be for a role. could be that he's sick. hard to say.