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You've probably noticed how 70's fashion is all the rage this summer and coming fall. Whether you love or hate the style, what if you're looking at the wrong 70's styles? Like any period, the 70's gave way to a whole host of styles for different personalities and tastes, and not everyone wore hippie-chic for a decade. Which one of these styles is right for you?


Often confused with hippie-chic, boho style is long and loose, lightweight and flowy. If prints are your thing, opt for washed-out and neutral colors and paisley or delicate florals. If you find yourself reaching for a minidress and knee-high boots, you aren't as boho as you thought; opt for the hippie dippie looks instead. Keep your hair and makeup soft and natural.


One of the flashier styles of the seventies was disco wear, complete with sequins and lamé. If you don't want to look like you're in a Saturday Night Fever costume, take inspiration with flared jumpsuits and keyholes, plus white on white and pops of orange and pink neon. Feathers and ruffles optional.


The colorful minidresses are a clear indicator of hippie chic, over a long, flowing style that would be classified as more bohemian. Bell bottoms are also acceptable, especially paired with plunging necklines and velvet layers, plus heeled boots of course. Keep your long hair parted in the middle, unless you have bangs, which will do the trick as well.

Sporty 70's

This kind of old-school Americana inspired decades of terry-cloth tracksuits and retro white minidresses. Polo shirts made chic are great tucked into short shorts, worn under track jackets and with simple gold jewelry. Denim can make an appearance too, in the form of relaxed flared jeans, with classic kicks and a primary-color sweater tucked in.

Glam Rock and Punk

From punk rockers to glam rock, this style is more of a spectrum, but the subcultural style ranges from androgynous suits to ripped tees and extra embellishments. If you're trying to introduce this subtly into your style, add more metallics and uninsex pieces before going full-on punk. Don't be afraid to load on the eyeliner, and keep your hair as short as possible.