It was a rainy night. Storms were never your favorite thing so you were pretty much stranded at this bar. Your friend decided to invite you out for some fun and to get your mind off your stress at work. She had ran off to the dance floor with some guy, leaving you completely vunerable at the bar. You didn't mind since you weren't much of a dancer. Right as you were about to call to the bartender, that's when you noticed him. A well structed man with platnium hair held back by a burgundy hat. He has papers spralled out in front of him on the table he was sitting at. Something about him drew you in but you had no clue what. Right when you least expected, he looked up and caught your eyes looking at him. He smiled wide and bowed his head slightly before looking back down to his papers. You wanted to go right up to him and be nosey like what he was doing was your business. You decided it was best to stop stalking the guy and turn back to your drink which waa barely touched. A few moments later, something caught your eye. The guy from earlier was now beside you with a suade bag hanging off his shoulder. He ordered a simple shot of whiskey before turning to you with a sly, but adorable grin on his face. "What's a pretty girl like you doing alone?" he raised a brow, resting his chin on his palm. "Oh, my friend is out on the dance floor. I'd rather be home in all honesty." you sigh and look up to meet his gaze. "I'm Jonghyun. What's your name?" "Y/N." you replied as you sipped your drink, hoping he wouldn't turn into a typical bar creep. "Well, Y/N. I think you should just leave. Just leave and come with me. Escape the bar scene and get into a nice warm car for a midnight drive." Jonghyun smiled, making your heart skip a beat. Sure, he was a stranger but he seems nice. You followed him out to his car and he helped you in the passenger seat. Soft music started playing once he started his car, the voice coming from the radio so soothing. "Who's that?" you asked in complete curiousity. "Does it sound bad?" He instantly questioned. "Not at all. Its very smooth and soothing." you turned the radio up a bit to let goosebumps take over your arms. Jonghyun let out a chuckle as he pulled onto the road. You two had small chatter as you enjoyed each other's company along the drive. He eventually asked for your address and parked in front of your apartment complex. "Y/N, I'd like you to know that I had a great time and wish for this to happen again." his voice was laced with hope. "I had fun as well. Here's my number." you took a small piece of paper from your purse and a pen, writing your number down. Right as you were getting out of his car, he sung to you and stared into your eyes. "Umm Girl, you're so fine~"
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