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So cute and so adorable...I love the purple squirrel!
My mom works in healthcare, so I know she'd love to wear this to work! Really, anyone can make these and wear these. Just too cute!
In case you don't have a belt, you can make one just as easy as the felt animals.
Stuff to buy:
Belt Buddies Printable (click here for template)
Felt (wool and wool blends will last longer)
Embroidery floss
Belt or 1-inch Wide Belting + 2 D-rings
Cut out your animal buddies. Notice there is a front and back. This is so that you can have the belt weave through the buddy without showing to the front.
Cut two parallel slits into the back pieces of the felt buddies. The slits should be ever so slightly longer than the belt you are going to use. If you don't have a belt then it should be slightly longer than the width of the belting.
On the fronts of the animal pieces, you want to hand stitch the faces.
The next step is to hand stitch the two pieces together. Just stitch all around the perimeter.
If you don't have a belt, you will have to cut a piece of belting that is long enough to wrap around the waist, then add 8 inches. Fold one end over twice and stitch it down with embroidery floss. Take the other end and fold it over twice with the two D-rings in the fold, then stitch it down, as before.
Slide your felt animal buddies on the belt.
Now you can wear these cuties (or the kids can wear them!). I know my cousins would love to make and wear this kind of belt. So that's what we're going to do! Follow my other collections for fun projects that you can do like this by clicking here!
Awwww how did I miss this??? So cute!! :D
I'm such a crafty felt nerd! <3