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I know that people who know TV on the Radio tend to like TV on the Radio, at an extremely high rate.
The problem is, not nearly enough people dig on them.

They good, man. They good.

Even if you are familiar with TV on the Radio, you may not realize how long they've been around, or, more importantly, how long they've been really, really consistently great. There have been basically no duds out of their 5-full-length discography.
Their 2004 studio debut album, Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes produced several awesome songs, including the above, "Poppy," which could be the best song they've ever made.
They had a blip of commercial noise when everyone's favorite TV show, Breaking Bad included their song "DLZ" in an episode. It basically fits right in with the show: it's dark, it's intense, it's fast-paced, it's breathtaking. It's all of those things, but one thing that it critically avoids is being overwhelming. It's all of those things, but it is also, somehow, easy to listen to. And it's enjoyable to listen to. And that's what music needs to be, right?
Their most recent effort came in 2014 with Seeds, and it lives up to their well-established reputation as awesome indie rockers. Above, check out the opening track, "Quartz." You'll notice a lot of similarities between it and DLZ; it's got a lot of that intense style to it. It feels like it's always building on something, ready to explode at any moment. The singles from the album, "Careful You" and "Happy Idiot" are definitely on the more radio-friendly side, but that's not a bad thing; they're great, too.
Beyond the music, the more you learn about TV on the Radio, the more you want to like them, for a whole bunch of reasons.
They're NY-local (formed in Brookyln), so there's that, at least for me.
There's the fact that, as far as indie rock goes, they stand out in a big way for a totally meaningless reason, but one that is interesting, if nothing else: they aren't white. Fellow music community vet @caricakes has written about this and her take is on point; TV on the Radio buck the trend, to an extent. So that's cool.
Then there's the intangible. More than a lot of artists that I know and like very much, TV on the Radio seem to be doing something beyond music. Their music's artistic, which is not necessarily something that I say about all music. They take the line between art and artistic and blow it to shreds, landing so far on the 'artistic' side that you forgot the other side even existed. It's complicated, involved instrumentation. It's often unlike anything you've ever heard. It makes you feel cool when you listen to it, I guess.

Bottom line:

Check out TV on the Radio. You won't be disappointed.
ahh yes. I have been a fan of TVOTR for many a minute now. awesome card!
haha, thanks man! glad you enjoyed!