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It's so amazing that social media has the ability to bring out the positivity in people -- body positivity that is.

If you have yet to see the hashtag #ThighReading trending on twitter, go take a look for yourself. Instagram decided to jump onto the body positivity train with over four million photos under the hashtag #WeightLossJourney. How exciting is that? People broadcasting their journey of losing weight in hopes of inspiring someone else to do the same.
As a young woman who has also gone through a huge weight loss journey, I know how scary it can be to post a before and after picture of yourself. The fact that you're revealing who you once were accompanied by who you are now can be extremely intimidating and sometimes even embarrassing, especially when you don't know the outcome.
I started my weight loss journey in February 2014, not really taking myself serious. I knew I wanted a change, but I wasn't sure how or when to start. The beginning of March I took it upon myself to try going meatless for the month of March. During this month I consumed green smoothies that I would drink throughout the day. I soon added in daily workouts at the gym and before I knew it March was long gone.
I was extremely proud that I completed a challenge and decided to go ahead and commit to being meatless. I officially began my vegetarian journey in April of 2014. During this time I couldn't tell I was losing weight, but everyone else around me seemed to notice and it felt good.
I wasn't used to the spotlight being on me, at least not for a positive reason. It took me a long time to break out of my low self-esteem shell and it wasn't long before I turned to self love. What was this amazing feeling I had been missing all along? It felt amazing. I was doing something positive for myself and the outcome was just as beautiful.
I wish I had known years before that eating healthy and focusing on a healthy lifestyle in general felt so amazing. By February of 2015 I had officially lost a little over 100 POUNDS the natural way and I was extremely proud of myself because a lot of people turn to diets and surgeries to lose what I lost.
I can't say it was easy, but I also can't say it was hard. It takes determination and self control. Although I've lost my balance a time or two, I've maintained my weight and I am in the process of trying to lose another twenty pounds within the next few months. I commend anyone who has the guts to post their journey and spread the word on what challenges they faced.
Thanks to social media people all over are getting the opportunity to speak out and potentially save lives. It's never too late to make a change. No one can force you to want to begin a journey, at the end of the day it's up to you.