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When you go out and you're out of plastic cups... no problem. Grab whatever can contain your wine, and this time I used a jar. It was actually quite fun.
It is the perfect example of everything right about US universities
YOU'VE GOT TO THROW A JAR PARTY. All invited must come with a jar of something - anything - from the supermarket. The party begins by everyone eating the contents of their jar. And then the jar becomes their cup for the night. It is brilliant.
This is actually a really good idea!
the wine is mixed with orange soda (yeah, don't judge me, we do that haha) and it was a jar for 2 :) But we went for seconds. @allischaaff
@jeff4122 I've never heard of that, and I went to an American university!! Lol. Maybe because you're in a fraternity :P that's an intriguing concept though. What are some examples of the good people bring? Oh, and @rodiziketan - that's a lot of wine!! XD