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When you go out and you're out of plastic cups... no problem. Grab whatever can contain your wine, and this time I used a jar. It was actually quite fun.
YOU'VE GOT TO THROW A JAR PARTY. All invited must come with a jar of something - anything - from the supermarket. The party begins by everyone eating the contents of their jar. And then the jar becomes their cup for the night. It is brilliant.
It is the perfect example of everything right about US universities
@jeff4122 I've never heard of that, and I went to an American university!! Lol. Maybe because you're in a fraternity :P that's an intriguing concept though. What are some examples of the good people bring? Oh, and @rodiziketan - that's a lot of wine!! XD
the wine is mixed with orange soda (yeah, don't judge me, we do that haha) and it was a jar for 2 :) But we went for seconds. @allischaaff
This is actually a really good idea!