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he had this vibe and I was diggin it
down to the very last scoop, like ice cream on a hot summers day
I was melting inside and damn it felt good
sweatin’ him like night sweats and summers with no AC
a feeling I couldn’t shake no matter how hard I tried
trying too hard? maybe.
he wasn’t my baby, but he was giving me alicia keys and usher vibes
started calling him my boo, this was all so new - to me
you see I had fallen a couple times and the outcome wasn’t pretty
I was hoping this time would be different - I mean this brotha was fine, like aged wine
dark chocolate skin and lips sweet as honey
yeah, I admit I have a sweet tooth - at least I do now
craving dessert from dusk to dawn he satisfies all my cravings
finger licking good
got my blood pressure rising - heart beat on high
we can work it out and give things a try
see if we’re a perfect match -- light my fire
don’t blow it out
let it burn
these are my confessions
I got it bad
can you help me?
I'm in love with the lyrical tone set by this piece! Also, very effective word choices and similes. Very different than your usual cards, but I encourage you to explore this creative side more often! A job well done.
thanks so much! I have a bunch of pieces saved in my notes on my phone. I write here and there. spoken word/poetry are my go to's when I need an outlet in private. but I will def take your advice and write this specific style more often :) @skee292
the best! :) @TerrecaRiley