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Got this in the mail yesterday and it came attached to.........this
And this
And these
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*Heavy breathing*
I want it all
I'm still working on getting all of the CD's including the MADE album coming out in September @PassTheSuga @lamrotamrot @MagicBananas @daisyzheng02 *but time moves so slowly and the month of August hasn't even started* >.<
I want the poster but im not sure if I should pay 5 dollars for it cause im saving for the album in september
@shjej5835 I can't help you cuz I already have the first 3 CD's and I'm still gonna get E and the full MADE album. But I will admit that I'm struggling with this decision financially since I don't really have money. The most I can say is, you can still get the posters when you have the money (maybe) idk