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Hannibal Buress, ladies and gentlemen.
@shannon15 Yeah, it's always the people who aren't part of the early morning commuter rush that are a pain in the butt. The worst THE WORST part is when someone would throw a fit about needing to 'be somewhere' on a Sunday. First, it's a freaking Sunday. Calm down. Secondly, it's not like anyone who works at Starbucks is like.. in charge of their customer's destiny. Learn some accountability.
@alywoah I had a friend who worked the morning shift monday-friday and she said it wasn't as bad as the midday shift. Apparently the morning rush just wants their coffee asap so she'd remember everyone's orders and have it ready before they reached the register. It was the people who came in the afternoon who had all the time in the world that were jerks. At her location anyway
@danidee ugh like the poor Starbucks employee is somehow responsible for your bad planning!
"Why do you want to work at Starbucks?" Because unpaid internships don't pay the bills and you give your staff free coffee, why do YOU want to work at Starbucks?! LOL.
@danidee where is the lie
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