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Found this cute project at Two Twenty One online where you can update your glassware with GOLD! Of course, you can use any metal finish you'd like. I want to try this with copper, which I think will look amazing!
Instructions to do this is pretty straight forward.
You need:
Glass vases
Metallic spray paint
Painter's tape
Use the tape to create a design in the glass that you want to remain clear. Fill the vases with crumpled newspaper to prevent the inside from getting paint. The non-taped portions of the glass, then gets two coats of spray paint.
What do you think of this? I love these. I love all kinds of things that are shiny and metallic! Did you see my other gold project? Click here to see it!
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Love this! Also, I think you could add stencils to the mix. Using an exacto blade to cut out from the tape (: Thanks for sharing!
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Oh gosh! Stencils would be so perfect! Great idea @aabxo
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