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For lovers of art history and fashion (it can't just be me!), @copylab, the instagram account by Chris Rellas, is the perfect and hilarious merging of high fashion and fine art.
Above: "The Wave" by Willaim Bouguereau, with a Chanel canvas graffiti backback added.
Chris Rellas is a student at Georgetown University with a passion for art, most often of the Renaissance period, who loves taking a great designer piece or accessory and merging it with art. Rellas says Saint Laurent is his favorite line, but he explores and other fashion news sites to look out for pieces dying to be photoshopped onto fine art.
Above: "Mada Primavesi" by Gustav Klimt, with a silk Stella McCartney dress added.
Above images: Sandro Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" with clutches by Poppy Lissiman added, and
Copylab is definitely meant for those with a sense of humor, as religious iconography is swapped for fashion references, and paintings with dark and serious tones are given new light and humor.
Above: "Christina Dreams of Chanel," @copylab's title for Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World" with a Chanel store photoshopped in the distance, and "Werkin for the #Birkin," his title for "Scene of Deluge" by Joseph Désiré Court.
Chris Rellas know the fashion world well, including its totems and icons, and he swaps subjects for models and references the relevant models and figures of the industry in his art.
Above: Kate Moss replacing the Madonna, and "Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh, with Kendall Jenner wearing a Tommy Hilfiger star-print dress added.

What do you think of Rellas' work?

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Ah living for the Kate Moss pic!
Thanks @Gavriella!! I looked them up, and not only are they gorgeous - they have TONS of styles, and they're way more affordable than I expected! Only 80 dollars for a basic pair. That's still a lot, but not the haute couture price I was dreading hahaha
@allischaaff they're h0les eyewear! I love that pic too
I think the Frida Kahlo one is my fave haha. What are those sunglasses??