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It's the one question that determines everything -- well sort of.

You have plans to head to the local coffee shop after work with the guy you've been chatting up for a few weeks now. This can go one of two ways depending on how this decision was initiated. Was it a mutual agreement or did he formally ask you out days prior? In the back of your mind none of that matters, you just know that it's a date because the two of you are meeting up for a bite to eat. Wrong. That means absolutely nothing.
So often as women we jump the gun when it comes to the idea of being on a date or just hanging out. More times than others it can be hard to tell exactly what it is, but on the flip side of things these signs make it easy for you to tell straight up whether you can actually call it a date or just two friends hanging after work.

He Asks You Out Days In Advance

If you're asked a couple days in advance to meet up for dinner or happy hour, it's a date. It was planned prior to the date. If it's last minute and you're asked the day of, you're more than likely just kickin' it for an after work drink.

He Offers To Pay The Tab

It's 2015 people, absolutely nothing wrong with going dutch. If he offers to pay, it's a date. If you both end up paying for yourselves, let's just say -- at least you're more than associates.

The Conversation Is Organic And Not Forced

If there's a connection between the two of you throughout the evening and the conversation is flowing -- it's safe to say that you're on a date. Get to know each other, even if this isn't "date" number one.

Your Phones Are Out Of Clear View

Both of you respect each other enough to stay off all social media sites including tinder until the date is over. Yes, I said date. Take it for what it is and enjoy yourself while you have the opportunity.

You Get A Kiss Goodnight

If you get a kiss at the end of the meal, let's just say it's pretty obvious to everyone that you were both on a date. Let's hope you make it to a second one.
These five signs will easily tell you if you're on a date or just hanging out with a friend. Be careful not to jump to conclusions.
And if it does happen to be your very first date together, make sure your beau doesn't ask you these five dreaded questions.