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I'm really interested in the one dressed like a cop and the one who has office clothes on
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The one dressed as a cop is Jungkook the golden Maknae(youngest) and office clothes(red hair) is Jimin. Warning!! This group will not let you escape, they look cool but are actually a cute bunch of idiots(in a good way). You may become obsessed if you dig too deep...See you there soon馃槃馃槀馃槣
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Run while you still can!!! but not really, let it consume your seoul.
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@laugh7love7live im both scared and ecstatic馃槦馃榿馃榿馃槅
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The one in the beginning is rap monster Cop: jungkook Red hair: jimin Glasses: v Race car outfit: jhope Doctor: jin Soldier: suga *i think* Lol I'm new at this too
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@jiggzy19 thanks now I get it
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