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For those of you that haven’t seen Wicked. It’s essentially a prequel of the Wizard of Oz. But you know, the real back story. The wicked witch is actually good, and has a KILLER voice (shoutout to Idina Menzel), and the lovely, the fabulous, Glinda the Good is well, lovely and fabulous.
There is one thing you should know: She's the most popular girl in school so naturally it’s easy for her to give advice on how to talk to boys, flirt, and look good.
Here are some steps to follow is you want the cutest Wizard in all of Oz:

Step 1: Perfect the hair toss.

No one can resist the hair toss.

Step 2: Dance moves.

When you are the Queen of “Dancing Through Life” it’s pretty easy to seduce the world with your sweet moves. I mean look at that voluptuous skirt?! How could you not love her?

Step 3: Confidence is Key.

Especially the munchkins can agree that everyone looks at you when you walk into a room. Owning the moment, being assertive, and walk up to a man you want and TAKE HIM. It’s all about confidence, witches.

Step 4: Be Kind.

Have a best buddy to share love advice with because that also makes you better too!
“For Good” you know?!

Did I mention that the hair flip is everything?!