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This is my response to @shannonl5 and her new Fan Fiction prompt. Forgive me and be lenient, please, because I've never done fanfiction. I didn't really know what to do. I also made it basically a flash fiction because that's more in my wheelhouse. I went with the College AU and I decided to with my truest of OTPs, Zuko/Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Hope you like it!
In the hallway outside of a big lecture hall sits Zuko on the floor, knees to his chest, rocking just a little bit back and forth. Next to him sit some papers and a stack of index cards. There's a palpable tension in the corridor as a few other students stream past him in either direction.
Standing up, he starts muttering to himself under his breath.
"Oh god, oh god, oh god. I gotta calm down, or I'll burn this entire hall down. I need to keep it in check. It's just a thesis defense. I know this stuff inside and out. I know it all. I wrote the damn thing, didn't I?"
He wrings his hands.
"Just calm down, Zuko. Just. Calm. Down. Do the breathing Uncle taught you. How did that go again? Like the water? No, that makes no sense. Like the air. Feel the air. Let it feed and guide my inner fire."
"Okay. I can do this. There's nothing wrong with me. I can handle this."
The doorway in front of Zuko cracks open. A beautiful brown girl with huge, olive-colored eyes steps into view. Her hair is curly, flowing in big loops. She's wearing a beautiful sea-and-sky blue dress.
She looks around for a minute and notices Zuko against the wall. She smiles a dazzling, happy smile and beckons for him to come in.
Zuko straightens up his crimson-colored button up, flattens out the creases in his black slacks. He breathes deep, and heads in to the room.
Outside the building, Zuko puffs on a cigarette in one hand, while the other messes and unmesses his hair. He's fretting, obviously. After a minute, he's joined by the beautiful girl who'd called him into the thesis defense earlier.
"Hey! You're Zuko, right?"
He's caught off guard, a little uncharacteristically.
"Y-yeah," he stammers, tripping over his words.
"I'm Katara! Nice to actually meet you!" she said, extending a slender palm.
He shook it.
"Thanks. I think I'm just a little rattled after that experience. I don't know, like shaken up."
"I think you had a really strong defense! I mean, I'm just a TA for one of the professors, but at this rate, I think you'll definitely get your honor!"
"Wait, what?"
"Sorry, I meant your honors. I think it's looking good in there!"
Zuko's spirits lifted, though guardedly.
"Are you supposed to be telling me this? Shouldn't this be confidential?"
Katara smiled, and there was a spark of mischief in her eye.
"Yeah, but what harm could it really do? Just relax, and I think things will be okay."
"Thanks. I really appreciate it." Up close, it seemed to him that her eyes weren't just olive-colored. They were like cascading layers of earthtones. He was a little bit drawn to them."
"They'll deliberate it for the rest of today, then they'll get back to you in a few days," Katar explained. "For now though, wanna get a cup of coffee?"
"I think if I have any coffee I'll explode, if I'm being honest."
"Okay then, no coffee. You can buy me a real drink instead."
"I'm buying?" said Zuko confusedly.
"Of course, Oh Mr. Honorable, you are! I like martinis."
"Well, uh, okay... let's go then."
"Let's do it."
@shannonl5 thanks so much! I was initially a little afraid to try fanfic but it was more fun than I thought it would be! thanks for the prompt!
@ChosenKnight I am 100% WITH YOU on that! :D
@VinMcCarthy I'm so glad you had fun! Welcome to the wonderful world of fanfiction!
I LOVE THIS. I could totally get behind this ship now.