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Hello! So I orignally made this account for the Big Bang tickets. I wasn't planning on making a post myself but after being on here I really wanted to say something. I am surprised by how nice all the VIPs are here. I've been a kpop fan for a while now but I never was active in any communities because the ones I originally saw didn't have the best attitude. However I have seen nothing but nice things in the Big Bang community. Everyone is nice to each other and I haven't seen people dissing other groups. i feel proud to be a part of this community, and maybe I actually be a little active in this one. Ah I hope this doesn't actually soumd lame or silly I was just so happy to see a nice kpop community :)
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I feel exactly the same. Even if I don't win the tickets I'm happy to have found this community and will continue to be active on here :)))
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Awwww! Glad you are liking the community! Welcome to the Vingle Kpop fam *hugsss*
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D'awwwww I'm glad you found us ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚
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hey! I appreciate you sharing this with us!! 💞 sending you love as a VIP ❤
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@puppy99 I love seeing posts like this! They are very much appreciated. ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)৴♡
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