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Hello! So I orignally made this account for the Big Bang tickets. I wasn't planning on making a post myself but after being on here I really wanted to say something. I am surprised by how nice all the VIPs are here. I've been a kpop fan for a while now but I never was active in any communities because the ones I originally saw didn't have the best attitude. However I have seen nothing but nice things in the Big Bang community. Everyone is nice to each other and I haven't seen people dissing other groups. i feel proud to be a part of this community, and maybe I actually be a little active in this one. Ah I hope this doesn't actually soumd lame or silly I was just so happy to see a nice kpop community :)
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We're not just a community...we're more like a family :) So happy you joined it though ^^
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I agree whether we win or not I'm glad I joined this community. nice to talk to ppl who share ur love for K-Pop
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I agree! I'm new to Kpop and Big Bang. It's been fun and wonderful! Thank you VIPs for making us newbies feel welcome and apart of the madness 馃憤馃榾.... It sure is a good time, I'm looking forward to meeting the VIPs at the Vegas show. Best of luck to those in the contest!!! 馃挋馃挏鉂わ笍馃挅
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:D Hope to see more post soon! And WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY! Did you get your free swag bag when you joined? It should have been filled with Feels, Laughs and Love! 馃槉
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agreed! all the Kpop communities on VINGLE are so great and FUN! this is a hobby not life and death right? 馃槉
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