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♢♢Sounds about right♢♢
my summer is ending soon ahh!! When do you guys go bts (not the bts your thinking about were talking about school here lol) or do you not go to school anymore let me know. I want to get to know you since you already have good taste in music and all :)
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am i the only one who wants to go to school(well just to learn not the studying part)
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I'm exited for school. I want to try and make new friends. :3
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I'm shipping out to college first week of Sep. I'm excited cause it's a new step and all, but I really don't want my summer to end :3
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I love school just hate the getting up and no naps or kdramas 😥 and homework
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I am excited for school, but I am also terrified for the fact that I will be moving 14 hours away from everything and everyone that I know and love for my freshman year of college. Anyone who lives in northern Ohio wanna be friends?
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