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Leaf Greener is a fashion stylist and creative consultant, former editor of Elle China, and the blogger behind, and a magnet for street style photographers on top of that.
Beijing-born, London-living Greener has a cutesy and poppy yet fashion-forward style that injects humor and cheer into the grimmest of days. Find out how to get the Greener look!
Rainbow stripes.
Greener takes classic stripes to the next level with colorful stripes spanning the colors of the rainbow, making simple silhouettes look more special. Use rainbow stripes to add some fun to an understated look, or go all out and mix them with other prints and textures.
Cutesy purses and clutches.
Part of what makes Greener's style so adorable and fun are the cutesy and cheeky designer bags she carries, from the Fendi Karl Lagerfeld mini to the Chanel milk carton clutch. If you aren't about dropping hundreds on a silly but cute accessory, find affordable versions here.
Unique textures and embellishments.
Greener opts for pieces and looks that mix textures, from sequins to feathers to pom poms and everything in between. Simple sweatshirts are upgraded with tassels and rainbows, or tucked into skirts heavily loaded with embellishments.
Round glasses complete any look.
Greener manages to maintain an air of mystery by covering up in sunglasses almost anytime the camera finds her, and she goes for the coolest, funkiest glasses on top of that. She often opts for round lenses, completing her cheeky poppy look.

She may be the cutest fashion industry professional yet, and we can't help but love her look!