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so besides eating lots of other junk food today, i also had ice cream....yep, it was devine...nope aint sharing w/no one but @YinofYang b/c she's extra nice to me (*_^)....the rest of you, get your own, muahhh!!!.....oyyyy, i kid, i kid...if i could, i would share my ice cream and candy stash too b/c i love my vingler friends ♥
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@soula81 Aww, why do your teeth hurt? Or are they very sensitive to cold?
sounds like it, im like that too....but i wish it was sensitive to sweets b/c i really need to stay away :)
Hahahaha! No, being sensitive to sweets would be so sad. :*( But, yeah...probably less would be better, lol. It's not easy when there are sweets everywhere you go.
are those reeses pieces? anything with pb is delicious in my book